Bootlegger Recording Studio
This is an ongoing client, or as I like to call him, my friend, Tony. To give it to you straight, Tony is a badass, hardass, kickass dude. He rocks hard and works harder. Bootlegger Recording Studio is Tony's project, created with the purpose of enabling others to be heard. The recording it top quality, and the prices are what you'd expect from a recording studio called "Bootlegger." 
Below, I'm showing branding inspired by—and intended to evoke—visuals and feelings from prohibition. I started with type and newspaper articles from the era, chopped and screwed everything I wanted, and ended by juxtaposing the product with modern forms and standards. 
Below is the texture I use throughout all of the Bootlegger designs. I created this collage using newsprint articles from the bootlegging era. Intentionally, I worked in the "Popular-Price" section, and the "How to set MILKING to music" is an addition you'd have to know Tony to fully appreciate. 
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