Client: Buckeye Beach. The people at Buckeye Beach were rebranding and in need of a new logo and signage system. They needed to highlight all of the beach's main, fun features. At first glance, that seemed like an impossible task, but I was able to develop a logo that they were extremely pleased with, as am I. The whole logo is a juxtaposition of my preference for geometric shapes and clarity through simplicity with retro inspiration from summer camps scout ephemera. 

Each section highlights a feature of the beach. From left to right, they are The Blob, The Zipline, The Water Slide, and The Log Roll. The logo has a strong sense of balance and continuation as the character seamlessly moves from one panel to the next. The colors are, as I classify them, Wes Anderson-inspired. To add functionality, each panel is individually used as the signage marking each feature on the beach. The logo is shown below in full color and black line. 
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