Board & Brew. A board game group that meets at local breweries to enjoy the best of board, and the best of brew.
The Brewer's View. A podcast about sports and craft beer culture.
Airtex Warranty Seal. A logo seal for the Airtex warranty.
Comic Quest 01. Main logo for local Comic, Game & Collectible shop.
Comic Quest 01. Main logo for local Comic, Game & Collectible shop (in black).
Comic Quest 01. Simplified alternate logo for local Comic, Game & Collectible shop. Mainly for profile image use.
Sean Little. This project didn't launch, but I love it. The logo is for hip hop artist, Sean Little. The logo features a broken crown, the initials S and L, and the number 7. 
Sunshine Juice Company. Main logo for Sunshine Juice Company. To show playfulness, the little sun was pulled from a contest... between my nieces and nephews. My niece won out with this delightful little dude. The rest of the logo is handmade type. 
My Voice. My Voice is an anti-child exploitation organization (although they have since changed name and logo). The name, logo and tagline are derived from Judges 19. 
LOC. A Christian school. The logo features a heart that is also a lock, which is reflective of the school's name and message. 
NJA Computers and Services. NJA are the owner's initials, and also conviently sound like "Ninja" if one were to pronounce it. By the owner's request to portray a ninja, this one was pretty much a no brainer. 
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